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Are you ready for Freddy?

In all seriousness I wanna clear something up. I’m starting a Let’s Play channel with my pal CJ. I want to make it clear that this shouldn’t take any time away from time I would use to work on cartoons, he does all the editing, I go over to his place one day a week to film, and all I have to do is occasionally draw some things. LITERALLY I should have like 6 other days of the week to work on cartoons, so don’t get all pissy with me, Sir. Or Madame. 

So you can look forward to the first episode in probably like a week or something? Maybe less?

theregularlegodude asked:

Since it seems like confession time or whatever.. Hey, I was the little fucker who called himself "Nickspaz". I was pretty dumb around that time (2006 or 2008?). I'm currently 14 (soon to be 15). I just wanted to apologize for being an obnoxious asshole at the time. Whenever I look back at it, I cringe. But enough with my shit, I got a question- I'm trying to get into music production. What kind of production software should I get? I'm planning on making electronic music/hip hop instrumentals.

No worries man, it’s all in the past.

I use Mixcraft 6 for all of my production right now. It’s great, cheap software that’s great for composition. There’s definitely better software out there, but for the price Mixcraft does a fantastic job, and I rarely have any issues with it. I think the basic version of 6 is around $75-$80 on their site, and that’s really all you need. 

Later on you might want to consider investing in some VST instruments or plugins, as they can really up your game and give you a lot more sounds to work with. For example, while pricey, Massive has some great electronic sounds and synths, and you can mess around with a lot of the Oscillators to get different sounds or to make completely original sounding synths. That’s around $200 I believe. 

It really depends how much money you want to spend. I personally pay for just about all of my software and VST’s, mostly because I make money off of some of the stuff I do and I don’t want there to be any legal repercussions. But there ARE other ways of obtaining said products, COUGH COUGH, and if you’re just going to be doing music for fun for now to get into the swing of things and learn, and you aren’t planning on making any money off of your beats/instrumentals for the time being, you could always look into going down that route for now.

Just keep in mind should you start making any money, it’s really best that you shell out and purchase everything you’re working with. It’s important to support the developers if you’re able to, and it’s just the right thing to do.

TL;DR Mixcraft 6 is pretty good.


hey, just an fyi, the creator of five nights at freddy’s is extremely anti choice and even made a pro life video game called The Desolate Hope that’s also on steam.

if you want to play five nights, please torrent it. don’t give him any money.

I’m pro choice as well, but should you really let the man’s personal opinions affect whether or not you should pay for his game? It’s a good game, he put in a lot of hard work on it, he deserves to be paid regardless. Yeah I don’t agree with his opinion, but that doesn’t mean you should steal his game! That’s just as fucked up.

Holy fuck.

I literally stayed up all night playing/watching Five Nights at Freddy’s.

And I’m not even tired, that game gives you such a fucking adrenaline rush and keeps you on edge it’s INSANE. Even just WATCHING someone play it, I still screamed and got fucking Monster all over the dang couch.

Seriously, usually I hate horror games, only because I don’t actually get scared by them. Like people lose their shit over Amnesia and Slender, and those are garbage tier compared to this.

Play it. BUY it. It’s five bucks, don’t tell me you don’t have five bucks.

I can guarantee we will be playing this game on our stream tomorrow or Friday.

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